Network Security | WatchGuard Firewall

Network Security | WatchGuard Firewall

Network security is of critical importance for every business and any other organisation. Here at COOLSIS Technologies, we have the network security solutions to ensure your organization stays safe. With solutions from XTM to Network Forensics and the WatchGuard Firewall in Dallas, we are proud to be able to supply you with comprehensive security services for the ultimate peace of mind.

Our security solutions include:

Next-Gen Network Security from XTM

  • Best-in-class security for your business

  • Incredibly fast, even at high volumes

  • Ideal for small businesses

Our scalable network security solutions help to keep your organization safe from security breaches. They are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, from fewer than fifty users to up to four thousand users.

Network Traffic Logs – the Key to Network Forensics

  • An array of network traffic and user-authorization logging capabilities
  • Syslog or WatchGuard proprietary formats are available for collecting network traffic data
  • Integration with standard network monitoring solutions can be achieved via the XTM SNMP support
  • For Educators: keep kids safe With Web Filtering, Anti-spam, & Content Control
  • Choose to keep social networking sites off-limits and block IM and P2P applications
  • Use instructor- or teacher-overrides to control web surfing - even on HTTPS traffic
  • Deploy incredibly fast, multi-function XTM firewalls with IPSec and SSL VPN built-in capabilities
  • Boost protection in critical attack areas by adding security subscriptions which mitigate spam, web viruses, inappropriate or dangerous web content, and other network intrusions
  • Allow only nominated, authorized users to have access to your valuable resources
  • Utilize easy management tools to track, monitor, and review real-time reports

Have the Right Firewall with WatchGuard WebBlocker

Having the right firewall is crucial for your company. With WatchGuard in Dallas, you know you are covered:

  • HTTPS URL filtering to eliminate and overcome many of the more popular techniques for defeating content filtering
  • Through WatchGuard’s proxy firewall architecture, it is possible to prohibit the use of IM and P2P applications
  • Unparalleled protection from malware via the Gateway AntiVirus/Intrusion Prevention Service and SpamBlocker.
  • Ensures CIPA compliance and Acceptable Usage through WatchGuard WebBlocker URL filtering capabilities on HTTP and HTTPS, with no per-user licensing fee.

Contact us today at COOLSIS Technologies to discover more about how we can help your business remain safe and secure from digital attack.