Network Security

Network Security

Next-Gen Network Security from XTM

  • Best-in-class security

  • Blazing fast, even at high volumes

  • Ideal for small businesses

Our scalable network security solutions keep your organization safe. Ideal for small to mid-size businesses, from 50 users or fewer up to 4,000.

Network Traffic Logs – the Key to Network Forensics

  • A range of network traffic and user authorization logging capabilities
  • Syslog or the WatchGuard proprietary formats available for collecting network traffic data.
  • Integration with standard network monitoring solutions can be achieved via the XTM SNMP support.

For Educators, Keep Kids Safe With Web Filtering, Antispam, & Content Control

  • Deploy blazing fast, multi-function XTM firewalls with IPSec and SSL VPN capabilities built in
  • Add security subscriptions to boost protection in critical attack areas, stopping spam, inappropriate and dangerous web content, viruses, and other network intrusions
  • Keep social networking sites off-limits if you choose, and block IM and P2P applications
  • Control web surfing with teacher overrides - even on HTTPS traffic
  • Ensure only authorized users have access to your valuable resources
  • Track, monitor, and review real-time reports with easy management tools

Have the Right Firewall with WatchGuard WebBlocker

  • HTTPS URL filtering helps to eliminate many of the more popular techniques for getting around content filtering.
  • Possible to prohibit the use of IM and P2P applications, through Watchguard’s proxy firewall architecture.
  • Peerless protection from malware via the Gateway AntiVirus/Intrusion Prevention Service and spamBlocker.
  • Ensures CIPA compliance and Acceptable Usage through WatchGuard WebBlocker URL filtering capabilities on HTTP and HTTPS, with no per user licensing fee.