3CX PBX Phone Systems Dallas

COOLSIS Technologies is very proud to provide practical IT solutions for small and mid-sized organizations, and these include supply of 3CX phone systems in Dallas.

What is a 3CX PBX phone system?

A 3CX Dallas phone system is a software-based, open standard phone system that works with internet protocol (IP) phones. These either operate within a premise or over the cloud.

PBX in Dallas and elsewhere refers to a private branch exchange, which is a phone exchange or switch system that operates within an organization. It switches calls between users within the organization on local lines; users can also share a nominal number of external calls. The primary benefit of a PBX is cost saving – it eliminates the need to require a separate line for each user within the enterprise.

A PBX is owned and operated by the company or organization, as opposed to being owned by the supplier or service provider Telephone Company. In the past, PBX used analog technology, whereas modern systems use digital technology which is converted to analog for external calls on non-VoIP phones.

Why choose a 3CX PBX Dallas phone system from COOLSIS Technologies?

Our 3CX PBX phone system is reliable and not only is it easy to install; it saves you money in the long term. Replacing all the proprietary hardware involved in a traditional PBX, it utilizes your existing data network and is Windows based for seamless integration. The complete phone system supports the majority of VoIP and SIP phone systems, and delivers a vast array of features including but not limited to:

  • Call switching, queuing, and routing
  • Unlimited number of phone lines and extensions
  • Web-based configuration
  • Receive voice mail via email for convenience
  • Eliminate need for complicated wiring
  • …and much more!

Choose COOLSIS Technologies for all of your 3CX PBX Dallas phone system requirements. We offer the very best practical network solutions with a personalized approach that is dedicated, flexible, and which prioritizes customer care. We guarantee delivery of the latest in technology and innovation to save you time, money, and streamline your organizational processes. Contact us today.

3CX PBX Phone Systems