COOLSIS Technologies takes pleasure in offering practical IT solutions for the majority of needs that mid-sized organizations face. You’ll notice right away that we take our work, and our customers’ needs, seriously.

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IT Solutions Integrator
We focus on integrating technology into your ecosystem in such a way that empower you and your customers.
IP Telephony
Award-winning software-based PBX Telephony that can save on your phone bill.
Network Security | WatchGuard Firewall
Our scalable network security solutions keep your organization safe. Ideal for small to mid-size businesses, from 50 users or fewer up to 4,000.
Hardware Solutions
Let the experts at COOLSIS outfit your business with turnkey hardware solutions that perfectly match your needs.
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COOLSIS Technologies is a premium provider of practical IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses and other organizations. We take a uniquely personalized approach to all of our clients, offering and delivering the very best practical network solutions tailored for your specific needs. We guarantee the latest in technology and innovation, and our approach is flexible and committed to optimal customer care and satisfaction.

We offer an array of superior services and products, including:


software-based, open standard phone systems that work with IP phones either within your premises or over the cloud. The PBX saves costs, eliminating the need for separate phone lines within the organization.

IP Phone Systems

Which make and receive phone calls using VoIP, or voice over internet protocol. Calls are transmitted over the internet in contrast to using traditional phone landlines. These systems save money, reduce infrastructure needs, optimize international calling, and facilitate services such as conferencing, chat, instant messaging, and much more.

Business Phone Systems

These incorporate multiple phone lines within an organization to internally connect users while still allowing for external calls. Modern business phone systems use a PBX switch system which automates traditional switch processes.

WatchGuard Firewall

Network security is of paramount importance to any business or other organization and with our security solutions you are well covered. We offer the WatchGuard Firewall, Nex-Gen Network Security from XTM, and Network Traffic Logs for Network Forensics. Each has its merits for specific applications and we can advise which solution is best for your needs.

Microsoft Education Licensing

We take the hassle out of Microsoft Education Licensing for your school, college, or other educational institution.

Chromebooks for Education

The way of the future for keeping students online, engaged, and connected in the classroom, Chromebooks are a simple, manageable, affordable and cost-efficient way to bring versatile and dynamic technology into your educational facility.

With COOLSIS Technologies, you save time, money, and your organizational processes will be more streamlined so you can focus on the business at hand.

Explore our website to discover more about our various services, or contact us today to discuss how we can help your business succeed.